Commissioner launches dedicated Data Hub – where you can see the information she uses to hold Surrey’s Chief to account

Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey Lisa Townsend has become the first to launch a dedicated online Data Hub containing rolling updates on Surrey Police performance.

The Hub gives Surrey residents access to a wide range of monthly data on local policing performance and the work of her office, including the crucial funding that is provided to local organisations to support community safety, help victims, and tackle the cycle of offending.

The platform features more information than was previously made available from public performance meetings held each quarter with the Chief Constable, with more regular updates that make it easier to see longer term progress and changes in the outcomes of Surrey Police.

Members of the public can access the data hub now at 

It includes information on emergency and non-emergency response times and the outcomes against specific crime types including burglary, domestic abuse and road safety offences. It also provides more information on Surrey Police’s budget and staffing – such as progress towards the recruitment of over 450 extra police officers and staff since 2019. Where possible, the platform provides national comparisons to put the data in context.

The current data shows a significant reduction in serial domestic abusers since January 2021, and recent increases in the solved rate for residential burglaries and vehicle crime.

It also provides a unique insight into the varied role of the Commissioner and her team based at the Force’s HQ in Guildford. It shows how many people contact the Commissioner each month, how many complaint outcomes from Surrey Police are independently reviewed by her office, and the number of random visits that are carried out by Independent Custody Visiting volunteers.

The Data Hub also shows how the Commissioner’s investment in local victim support services and community safety initiatives has almost doubled in the last three years – to over £4m in 2022.

“As the bridge between the public and Surrey Police, it is really important that I give individuals access to a full picture of how the Force is performing”

Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend said the new Hub will strengthen the relationships between Surrey Police and Surrey residents – a key focus of her Police and Crime Plan for the county: “When I became Commissioner, I made a commitment to not only represent but to enhance the voice of Surrey residents on the policing service they receive.

“As the bridge between the public and Surrey Police, it is really important that I give individuals access to a full picture of how the Force is performing over time, and that individuals can clearly see what is happening in those areas they told me were most important.

“Surrey remains the fourth safest county in England and Wales. The number of burglaries being solved is on the increase, a huge focus has been put into reducing violence against women and girls and the Force received an outstanding rating from our inspectors on preventing crime.

“But we’ve seen increasing scrutiny on policing in the last couple of years and is right that my office continues to work with the Force to show that we are maintaining the high standard of policing that residents deserve. This includes embracing challenges to do better, and this is something that will remain at the top of my agenda as I continue discussions with Surrey’s new Chief Constable in the spring.”

Questions about the performance of Surrey Police can be sent to the Commissioner’s office using the contact page on her website.

More information about funding provided by the Commissioner can be found here.

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