Police & Crime Plan

Police and Crime Plan for Surrey (2021 – 2025)

One of the key responsibilities of your Commissioner is to set the Police and Crime Plan that outlines the areas that Surrey Police will focus on. These are the key areas of performance that will be monitored in regular meetings with the Commissioner and provide the basis for funding that is provided from your Commissioner to enhance local services that reduce crime and support victims.

The Plan is based on your views. Following public and stakeholder consultations in 2021, it was published including the below priorities that reflect feedback from residents and local organisations in Surrey.

Throughout the Plan there is a focus on improving partnership work to reduce harm and increasing engagement with children and young people in Surrey.

Read the Plan using the links below or visit our dedicated Data Hub to see the latest performance information from Surrey Police on progress towards specific targets in each section:

One of the most important roles I have is to represent the views of those who live and work in Surrey in how our county is policed and I want to make sure the public’s priorities are my priorities. My Police and Crime Plan sets out the key areas I believe Surrey Police need to focus on during my term of office.

The five priorities in the Police and Crime Plan for Surrey (2021-25) are:
  • Reducing violence against Women and Girls
  • Protecting people from harm in Surrey
  • Working with Surrey communities so that they feel safe
  • Strengthening relationships between Surrey Police and Surrey residents
  • Ensuring safer Surrey roads