Managing Surrey Police Finances

Managing Surrey Police Finances2020-07-17T15:15:15+01:00

Surrey Police budget

The Commissioner agrees the annual budget for Surrey Police in February each year. The budget proposals, which take months of careful financial planning and deliberation to prepare, are scrutinised by the Police and Crime Panel before a final decision is made.

Surrey Police Budget and Precept 2020-21

Surrey Police Budget and Precept 2019-20

Surrey Police Budget and Precept 2018-19

Surrey Police Budget and Precept 2017-18

Surrey Police Budget and Precept 2016-17

Surrey Police Budget and Precept 2015-16

Surrey Police Budget & Precept 2014-15

Surrey Police Budget & Precept 2013-14

Surrey Police Budget & Precept 2012-13 (agreed by Surrey Police Authority)

Spending information

We ensure we are getting value for money from all of our spending through our Contracts Standing Orders, which set out the conditions which have to be applied to all spending decisions made by the OPCCS and Surrey Police.

You can browse through records of all spending over £500 by Surrey Police via the Spotlight on Spend website.

CLICK HERE for information about Surrey Police fees and charges for the supply of goods and services.

Contracts and Tenders

Surrey and Sussex Police now collaborate on procurement. You can find out more about Surrey Police’s contracts and tenders via our joint Bluelight Procurement Portal


CLICK HERE for a list of the assets owned by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey

Statement of Accounts

The Statement of Accounts sets out in detail the financial position of Surrey Police and its financial performance over the past year. They are prepared in line with strict guidelines on financial reporting, and are published annually.

For more information on how to request information from Surrey Police, CLICK HERE.

Statement of Accounts 2019-20 DRAFT PCC & Group

Statement of Accounts 2019-20 DRAFT Chief Constable

Statement of Accounts 2018-19 PCC & Group

Statement of Accounts 2018-19 Chief Constable

Surrey PCC Letter of Representation 2018-19

Surrey Chief Constable Letter of Representation 2018-19

Annual Audit

Public bodies like Surrey Police are audited each year to make sure that they are making good use of public money and that they have the right Governance arrangements in place to ensure that this happens. Grant Thornton were appointed by the Audit Commission to audit the accounts of both the Chief Constable of Surrey Police and the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Annual Audit Certificate contains the Auditor’s final opinion on the governance arrangements and value for money for both the Chief Constable of Surrey Police and the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner.

Annual Audit Letter – Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner 2018/19

Audit of Final Accounts – Notice of Completion 2018/19

Financial regulations

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has financial management policies in place  to ensure that public money is used lawfully and in the public interest.

Financial regulations provide the framework for managing the financial affairs of Surrey Police. They apply to the Commissioner and anyone acting on their behalf.

The regulations identify the financial responsibilities of the Commissioner. Chief Constable, Treasurer, Director of Finance & Services and budget holders and provide clarity about their financial accountabilities.

You can read the OPCC Financial Regulations for 2020 HERE.

Investment Strategy:  Treasury Management Reports

Treasury Management is defined as the management of an organisation’s investments and cash flows, its banking, money market and capital market transactions.

A Treasury Management Strategy can be viewed HERE.