Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner Concludes Estates Review

Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner Concludes Estates Review

The review commissioned by Kevin Hurley, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, into the future of several Surrey Police stations and sites earmarked for sale, has been concluded.

In his first week in office in November 2012, the Commissioner asked for a pause and review of the disposal policy launched by Surrey Police and Surrey Police Authority in 2009, to ensure that the policy remained the right one and that the maximum return from the remaining properties was being achieved.

The sites under consideration by the review – led by Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Harris – were: Epsom, Camberley, Haslemere, Chertsey, Banstead, Horley and Sunbury.

Its recommendation is to continue with the disposals of the properties, although the disposal of Chertsey may be deferred as it may be retained for operational use by Surrey Police. For some sites consideration of some different approaches to the sale is recommended and the merits of these will be discussed fully with our selling agents to ensure we are maximising the potential value. 

In addition, following the listing of Haslemere Police Station as an Asset of Community Value the PCC will be happy to allow a period of 6 months before agreeing a sale to ensure that the community have full opportunity to make a bid for the property.

Commenting on the conclusion, Kevin Hurley said:

“I ordered this review to test whether the decision taken in 2009 to dispose of a number of police stations and buildings in Surrey remained the right one, operationally and economically. We can only sell them once and I wanted to be absolutely satisfied about whether this remained the right approach for Surrey Police and the public.

“After careful consideration, my decision is that, with the exception of Chertsey, we should continue with the sales of the remaining sites. The world has moved on – the police operate differently and the public access the police differently. At a time of significant pressure on our finances, we can no longer justify the expense of keeping these sites open.

“The review has identified that there may be different approaches we can take and that had not been previously explored to get the best possible return for the taxpayer. We will be working closely with our selling agents to make sure that we achieve just that.”

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