Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner commits to body worn cameras

Kevin Hurley, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, is committed to providing body worn cameras for frontline officers in the force. The small unobtrusive cameras, attached to the front of the uniform, will be activated by the officer and take video footage of incidents as they unfold. The introduction of these cameras will bring Surrey Police into line with neighbouring forces.

Kevin Hurley said:

“These cameras will provide unprecedented advantages in gathering evidence, deterring suspects from abusive or violent behaviour, recording all conversation between the officer and the suspect, and protecting the officer from baseless complaints. They will mean that officers can stay on the beat instead of wasting time returning to base to write up notes. By providing incontrovertible evidence to juries, they will also save time and costs in the courts.”

In support of the Chief Constable’s recent public consultation on the subject, the cameras will be purchased as soon as she has made appropriate recommendations on procurement.


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