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Support staff

Each PCC has as support staff, known as the Office of the PCC (OPCC) to assist them in their role.  Some roles are statutory, the Chief Executive and Chief Finance Officer.    Other staff are employed to carry out statutory duties (such as administering the Independent Custody Visitor Scheme, Victim Service Commissioning, administering the Community Safety Fund, dealing with complaints) or are employed to assist the PCC in their duties (such as strategic planning, performance oversight, diary management and communications).    Office sizes vary across England and Wales from around 12 staff to over 100 in London.

Currently, the Office of the PCC has 15 members of staff.   Some of these work part-time to fulfill their roles.  In total the Full Time Equivalent staff in Surrey is 12.8, one of the smaller offices in England and Wales.

For information on the staff of the OPCC please CLICK HERE

Work of the OPCC in Surrey

The OPCC ensures that the PCC carries out the statutory functions required of a local policing body and assists the PCC in achieving the Police and Crime Plan.   Work of the office includes:

  • Overseeing Surrey Police finances and setting the annual precept and budget
  • Developing the Police and Crime Plan then governance frameworks to hold the Chief Constable to account for delivery of the plan
  • Oversight of the Surrey Police Complaints process and handling complaints made against the Chief Constable.  Since February 2020 the PCC has also become responsible for processing reviews for appeals in complaint cases.
  • Communication and consultation with the public, partners, voluntary groups and victim groups
  • Managing the Independent Custody Visitor Scheme for Surrey – as scheme which has around 50 volunteers who carry out unannounced visits into police custody to check on the welfare of detainees
  • Commissioning services which support victims of crime, paid for from Ministry of Justice grants
  • Commissioning services which reduce reoffending
  • Commissioning services and providing grants for projects which improve community safety

The Surrey PCC’s website provides details of the work and projects carried out by the OPCC in Surrey.  This includes a funding hub, which details funding provided for victims’ services, community safety projects and reducing reoffending and can be found HERE 

Information on key projects carried out by the OPCC can be found HERE

A transparency page providing all of the statutory information required to be published by a local policing body, including finance, council tax information, scrutiny meetings can be found HERE 

Current large projects and work that the OPCC is engaged with include:

  • Building the Future – this is a multi-million pound project to move Surrey Police Headquarters from Guildford to a new combined HQ and operational site near Leatherhead.  The site has been purchased and there is a 5 year programme in place to ensure the new site is fit for purpose and to dispose of the current HQ.  As well as the Surrey Police HQ, the new site will also be the operational base for eastern operational hub in place of Reigate Police station, the new location for our Specialist Crime teams in place of Woking Police Station and will house our Roads Policing and Tactical Firearms units.    Reigate and Woking Police stations will also be sold but there will still be local policing based in both towns.   The PCC owns the whole police estate so provides the overall Governance for this project.  Overtime the project aims to make savings through a more rationalised and fit for purpose estate, deliver a more central base with less travel time and provide for more agile staff working.
  • Developments in information technology – Surrey Police is working with other police partners to develop new technology to assist in policing and make efficiencies.  A new Enterprise Resource Platform being implemented together with Thames Valley and Sussex Police will assist in resource planning and allow greater collaboration between the forces.  New common telephone systems between Surrey and Sussex police will allow greater interoperability.  Investment in front-line technology such as Body Worn Video and Mobile Data Terminals allow officers to save time and better capture evidence.  The PCC owns the capital assets for Surrey Police and oversees the capital investment programme.
  • Collaboration – PCCs and Chief Constables have a duty to collaborate with other police forces and other emergency services.  Collaboration with others allow efficiencies and savings to be made or can improve the provision of a service to the public.  The Police Action 1996 requires PCCs and Chief Constables to collaborate where it is in the interests of the efficiency or effectiveness of their own and other police force areas – even if they do not expect their own force to benefit directly itself.    Surrey Police has a number of collaborated operational and support functions with Sussex Police.  The two PCCs oversee governance of these joint services.   Surrey Police also collaborates with Hampshire, Sussex and Thames Valley Police on regional collaboration.  This includes operational units such as the Counter Terrorism Unit for the South East.  Regional collaboration also includes technology and other integration of policing services.   Regional collaboration is governed by a joint board of PCCs and Chief Constables in the region.   More details on collaboration arrangements for Surrey Police can be found HERE
  • The Victim and Witness Care Unit – PCCs are responsible for commissioning local services to support victims of crime.  The Office of the PCC (OPCC) in Surrey receives £1.4m of funding from the Ministry of Justice annually to fund services including a telephone support helpline for all victims of crime and specialist support for some victims of e.g. domestic abuse and sexual offences.   Until April 2019, the support helpline for all victims in Surrey was provided by Victim Support.  In April 2019, the Surrey PCC decided to move to an “in-house” model with the service now being provided by Surrey Police, through the Victim and Witness Care Unit.   This model allows for better transfer of information and allows ‘service recovery’ where a victim can be better support.  The OPCC provides oversight and governance of this service.  More details on the Unit can be found HERE

Surrey OPCC Budget

All PCCs receive a budget made up of Government Grant, council tax and Ministry of Justice funding for victims’ services.   This budget is to fund the police in their local area, victims’ services (a ring-fenced grant), reducing reoffending, community safety grants and the Office of the PCC.   The PCC receives all of the funding and then passes it over to the Chief Constable and other service providers. 

In 2020/21,  the budget breakdown was as follows:


Police Grants 112.2 44.6%
Council Tax 137 54.5%
Council Tax collection fund surplus 0.8 0.3%
Victim Service Grants 1.4 0.6%
Total PCC income 251.4 100%
Chief Constable budget for policing 247.9 98.6%
Victim Services and restorative justice 1.4 0.6%
Community safety and other grants 0.9 0.4%
Office of the PCC 1.2 0.5%
Total expenditure 251.4 100%

Surrey Police and Crime Panel

All PCCs are scrutinised by a Police and Crime Panel.  The details of the Surrey Police and Crime Panel, including members and recent meetings, can be found HERE