Surrey Floods: Police Commissioner releases financial reserves for flood rescue effort

Kevin Hurley, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, has immediately made the Force’s financial reserves available to the Chief Constable to support Surrey Police’s work in the rescue and recovery effort underway for victims of the severe flooding in the county.

The funding has been made available to the Chief Constable to pay for whatever equipment or personnel resources Surrey Police deem necessary to assist their part in the multi-agency response to the floods. The Commissioner will keep the use of the money – from the £10m reserves available – under close scrutiny and remains in close dialogue with the Chief Constable on the situation.

Kevin Hurley said:

“Surrey Police’s officers and staff are going above and beyond the call of duty to help people affected by these dreadful floods. Police teams are putting in long, long hours – working way past the end of their shifts – helping to evacuate people and providing whatever support they can. They are a credit to our county and to the police service.

“I want to make sure that the Chief Constable has the resources she needs to support her officers and staff out there on the ground and help us to do as much as we can for the communities affected. I have immediately made our financial reserves available to her – for personnel resources, along with any equipment they need to help residents at this time of tremendous need.

“The local authorities, emergency services, other agencies, voluntary groups and the armed forces are working closely together to help. We are also receiving assistance from neighbouring areas, including the Metropolitan Police and Sussex Police. I am tremendously grateful to everyone playing a part in helping Surrey people at this time of adversity.

“I am in regular contact with the Chief Constable on this situation and will continue to closely monitor the level of financial support required. This is having a drastic impact on tens of thousands of Surrey residents. We maintain our financial reserves for just such times of emergency and we will do whatever it takes to help protect life and property in the flood areas, as well as helping these communities to get back on their feet when the waters have subsided.”

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