A Force Fit for the Future

A Force Fit for the Future2020-08-20T14:29:26+01:00

I will work with the Chief Constable to ensure that Surrey Police is well placed and properly equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

  • Estates strategy

The Chief Constable and I are working towards a new estate, fit for the future. Over the next 5 to 10 years the Surrey Police estate and the way Surrey Police works will be transformed. Modern, efficient and flexible working environments will reduce costs, provide better value for money and enhance conditions for our officers and staff. Old buildings will be replaced with a new modern estate to reduce inefficiencies, meaning we can invest as much funding as possible in officers and staff. I have announced the intention to seek a new Headquarters site in the centre of Surrey within the next 5 years and to sell other sites, including the current Mount Browne HQ in Guildford. This will clearly take time and requires detailed planning, but over the next two years I will work with Surrey Police to develop these plans and look for a suitable location for the new HQ. However, I will ensure the plans include the retention of a police base in every district in Surrey.

  • Technology

Over the remainder of my term of office, I will oversee Surrey Police in its delivery of a new ICT strategy that will be fit to meet the future policing needs of the Force. This includes properly equipping police officers and staff to carry out their roles, having efficient back office systems to support business delivery and working with other forces in the South East to jointly put in technology to aid future collaborative working. Surrey Police are also are bringing in new national ICT systems which will help the service in England and Wales be more joined up and efficient.

  • Being an attractive employer

I will work with the Chief Constable to ensure Surrey Police is an attractive organisation for people to join. I want to build on the existing good work to support the well-being of staff, ensuring the best people are recruited to join and want to stay with Surrey Police. This means making the best of new opportunities such as apprentice programmes, the Policing Education Qualification Framework and improved training to attract and retain people, across a wide range of communities. I will support the Chief Constable in his aim to develop Surrey Police’s culture into one where staff are empowered to take responsibility, be innovative and work together to meet Surrey’s needs. I will help strive for a workforce which is more representative of the diverse community which it serves and make sure that staff are developed, equipped and trained to perform well in their roles.

PCC and Chief Constable at new HQ site

“The PCC and Chief Constable are working towards a new estate, fit for the future and provide a modern, efficient and flexible working environment.”

  • Ability to meet future demands

Surrey Police and partners need to be able to meet the demands of today but also plan for the future. I will make sure robust plans are in place for potential events, such as terrorism, flooding, or national cyber-attacks. I will also scrutinise how Surrey Police keeps ahead of the latest crime trends – such as new ways of defrauding the public, Modern Slavery and emerging drug networks. I will work with the Chief Constable to ensure Surrey Police plays its part in meeting the national Policing Vision 2025. I will scrutinise the training and skills of staff to ensure they are equipped for the future.