Joint Audit Committee – 22nd June 2015 – Agenda and Papers

Notice of Meeting – Joint Audit Committee – Surrey Police and Surrey OPCC

22nd June 2015 at 14:00 at Surrey Police Headquarters, Mount Browne, Guildford

Members: Paul Rees (Chairman), Andrew Gascoyne, Christopher Johnson, Amanda Mills, Vanya Moyer

Part One – In Public

1. Apologies

2. Declaration of Interest

3. Minutes of the last Meeting – 31st March 2015

4. Matters Arising

5. Annual Internal Audit Report

6. Internal Audit Protocol – Surrey and Sussex

7. External Audit Fees Letter

8. Progress Report on producing the Annual Governance Statement and Financial Accounts for 2014/15 (to follow)

Part Two – In Private

9. Contract Waivers

10. OPCC Risk Register and Assurance Framework

11. Force Risks – High Level and Shared Risk

12. Monitoring of Audit and Inspection Recommendations

13. Any Other Matters to be raised by the Internal Auditors

Part One – In Public

14. Complaints Process Report

15. Treasury Management Policy Statement and Strategy 2015-18

16. Surrey County Council Treasury Management Internal Audit Report

17. Report on OPCC Partnership Working

18. Bad Debt Write-Off Report

19. Gifts and Hospitality

Part Two – In Private

20. Private Meeting of Members with the Auditors