LGBTQ+ History Month: PCC David Munro’s story

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey David Munro has released a video describing his personal experience of overcoming prejudice during his career to mark LGBTQ+ History Month.

The PCC, who has a civil partner, says he “didn’t dare tell anyone” of his sexuality in the early days of his military career or he would have “been on the first train home”.

But he says times have significantly changed and that he now enjoys working for an organisation that is “diverse, tolerant and forward thinking”.

The PCC recalled his journey at a LGBTQ+ History Seminar held this week jointly between Surrey County Council and Surrey Police.

The online event focused on visibility, connection and inclusion and featured speakers including human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, the founder of Surrey LGBTQ+ Pride Stephen Ireland and Julie Bentley, the Chief Executive of Samaritans UK.

The PCC’s video can be viewed above

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