Kevin Hurley invites local groups to bid for Community Safety Funding

Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner Kevin Hurley has today launched the Community Safety Fund, which allows the PCC to offer direct financial support to projects and initiatives in Surrey helping to improve community safety.

The Commissioner is inviting bids for funding from this initiative from any local groups that can support the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan for Surrey.

In total, the Commissioner is making £509,000 available from the fund this year for bids from the community.

If you are interested in applying:

Proposals for funding for local projects should be submitted to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for consideration. Applications should be for a maximum of £5,000, however in exceptional circumstances the PCC will consider requests for funding above £5,000.

Applications for funding will be subject to consideration by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner against a series of criteria to ensure that they meet the aims of the Police and Crime Plan and contribute to crime reduction, combating substance abuse and reducing re-offending.

To ensure value for public money, successful bids will be required to provide evidence of spend and the outcomes/impact of the project at agreed points in the year.

More information on the scheme, including the application form and criteria for successful bids, is available at the Surrey PCC website:

Kevin Hurley, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, said:

“My Police and Crime Plan sets out a challenge to everyone in Surrey to play a part in making things better in the county. With the Community Safety Fund I am able to back groups and organisations that have an idea for a positive project to improve our communities with funding to help them do their work.

“I encourage community groups and organisations that are looking to do something positive for the county to think about whether the Community Safety Fund could help them to achieve our shared aim of making Surrey a better place to live and work.”




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