Surrey PCC Kevin Hurley reacts to HMIC Funding Challenge report

HMIC has today published a report on Surrey Police’s response to the funding challenge it faces.

You can read the HMIC report here

Commenting on the report, Kevin Hurley, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey said:

“There is no painless way to save 13% from a police force’s total expenditure.

“The officers and staff of Surrey Police have endured continuous change, sacrifice and uncertainty over the last few years to achieve the savings discussed in this HMIC report. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and perseverance in continuing to do an excellent job in one of the most challenging, stressful professions there is. Whilst the organisation has changed around them, their hunger to do the right thing for the public and confront antisocial behaviour and crime has never wavered.

“In the Chancellor’s Spending Review statement in June we were given notice of further significant budget cuts stretching beyond 2015. I reiterate now what I said then – the biggest inefficiency in policing is the number of separate forces.

“The future for this country is drastically reduced public spending. The only sensible policing model for that future is one of fewer, larger forces without the needless expense and bureaucracy that comes from having 41 headquarters, 41 chief officer teams, 41 sets of support functions and 41 PCCs.”

You can read Surrey Police’s response here: