Council tax 2019/20 – FAQs

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Q) How much money is received from the government?

 A) In 2018/19 the Home Office Grant was £61.3m. For 2019/20 the grant is £62.6m

Q) What happens once the public consultation has been completed?

 A) The PCC will review the public responses which will help him make his final decision on what the precept should be.

Under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, the PCC must then report his decision to the Surrey Police & Crime Panel who are asked to consider the proposal and make any recommendations

If the Panel does not accept the proposed precept, the power of veto can be exercised with a two thirds majority. In this event, the PCC must produce a revised precept and an additional meeting is convened for the Panel to meet to consider it. The Panel does not have the power of veto over the revised precept.

Q) How much has Surrey Police got in reserves? Can that not be used to fund local policing?

A) Over recent years Surrey Police has reduced its reserves to one of the lowest levels of any police force in the country. The general reserves strategy for the OPCC is to maintain a balance that does not fall below 3% of the budget.

Click here for more information and to read our latest reserves strategy:

Q) How much money is Surrey Police saving?

 A) Last year (2018/19) Surrey Police met its savings target of £5.4m. The forecast savings for 2019/20 is £3.3m.

Q) How much did the precept raise last year?

A) £117.7m

Q) How much will the different bands pay depending on the PCC’s final decision?

A) See the below table:

  Current police council tax for 2018/19 £1  / week   £12 /  year Increase 5.1% £1.50 / week £18 / year Increase 7.6% £2 / week £24 / year Increase 10.1%
Band A £157.71 £165.71 £169.71 £173.71
Band B £184.00 £193.33 £198.00 £202.67
Band C £210.28 £220.95 £226.28 £231.61
Band D* £236.57 £248.57 £254.57 £260.57
Band E £289.14 £303.81 £311.14 £318.47
Band F £341.71 £359.04 £367.71 £376.38
Band G £394.28 £414.28 £424.28 £434.28
Band H £473.14 £497.14 £509.14 £521.14


Q) How much does the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner cost?

A) The overall budget for the OPCC is £2m of which £750,000 is for the PCC’s Community Safety Fund (in addition the OPCC receives a Ministry of Justice grant for £1.4m which makes up the Victims Fund).

Q) How much does the PCC get paid?

A) The salaries of Police and Crime Commissioners are decided on a national basis and vary depending on the size of the force area they represent. The Surrey PCC receives a salary of £71,400

Q) Where exactly will these 100 officers or PSCOs be employed?

A) The current plan for the extra 100 officers is:

  • Half of that number will go directly to local neighbourhoods – including doubling the dedicated neighbourhood teams and PCSOs
  • More local detectives to tackle organised crime and drugs with additional specialist officers in preventing crime and reducing reoffending.
  • The team investigating abuse against vulnerable people will increase.
  • Officers will be employed to deal with digital and online crime and to help officers maximise their use of technology in the fight against crime
  • We had planned for the loss of 25 police officer posts across the organisation and these posts will now be protected

Q) What is the role of the dedicated neighbourhood teams?

 A) These teams are made up of officers and PCSOs posted to local neighbourhoods to solve local problems and work alongside the bigger Area Policing Teams who respond to and investigate local crimes.

Q) Would any proposed rise in council tax go towards paying for the proposed Surrey Police HQ move?

A) No. At this stage, the search for a potential new site is continuing and progress is being made. The overall Estates Strategy for Surrey Police currently accounts for around £1m of a total budget of £234m proposed for 2019/20. In the long term the new site will make savings from being modern and efficient.

Q) What is the current Surrey Police officer establishment?

 A) The establishment for 2018/19 is 1,874 however Surrey Police were over establishment at an estimated 1,930 officers as of April 1 2018. That number has been reducing over the financial year as temporary training resources supporting the introduction of the Policing In Your Neighbourhood model are withdrawn.

Q) Is the precept going to have to fund the government’s proposed recalculation of police pensions?

A) The government settlement announced in December provided additional funding to police forces to cover the proposed pension costs shortfall. This followed direct representations to the government ministers by PCCs across the country including in Surrey.

Q) How many police officers do you expect to recruit in total over the next year?

A) This would depend on how many officers retire or leave the organisation. Surrey Police will plan to recruit to fill posts that become vacant in addition to the new 100 posts.