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In order to provide greater transparency around our commissioning activity, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has launched a dedicated Funding Hub. Local organisations can visit the hub to find and apply for funding in the areas below, and residents can learn about existing services and initiatives:

Community Safety Fund
The Community Safety Fund supports projects and partnerships in Surrey to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime, and works with communities to build cohesion and resilience.

Reducing Reoffending Fund
The Reducing Reoffending Fund supports a broad spectrum of services and projects aimed specifically at reducing reoffending, including a focus on support for individuals with multiple disadvantages, and the areas of housing and homelessness, rehabilitation, mental health and substance misuse.

Victim Fund
The Victim Fund supports the delivery and improvement of local services to help victims of crime cope and recover from their experiences.

Coronavirus Support Fund
The PCC has launched a Coronavirus Support Fund that has committed over £300,000 in additional funding to key services affected by Covid-19. Funding has been made available in areas including domestic abuse, substance abuse, and homelessness – ensuring support is still there for those that desperately need it.

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