Chief Constable Recruitment

Following her appointment as the Director General of the National Crime Agency, Lynne Owens will be leaving Surrey Police in early 2016 to take up her new role. The responsibility for appointing a new Chief Constable falls to the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC).

The recruitment process is a protracted one which involves convening an independent panel, holding interviews and finally a confirmation hearing with the Police & Crime Panel. It is also a critically important process as Surrey Police will need the very best person to see the Force through a period of significant change in a climate of financial challenge. In the interests of democracy and in fairness to whomever the incoming PCC may be, Kevin Hurley has decided to delay the recruitment process until after the PCC elections in May 2016.

Mr Hurley said:

“It is important that the Police & Crime Commissioner elected by the public in May 2016 is able to appoint a Chief Constable of their choice. I do not want to fetter their ability to do so by beginning a recruitment process so close to the PCC elections. In the meantime, Deputy Chief Constable Nick Ephgrave will take on the role of Temporary Chief Constable. I have every confidence in his ability to lead the Force over the coming months until a substantive appointment is made.”

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