Agenda Published for Joint Audit Committee Meeting – 10th June 2013

Agenda Published for Joint Audit Committee Meeting – 10th June 2013

Notice of Meeting

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Surrey Police Force

Joint Audit Committee

Date:       10th June 2013

Time:      2pm

Place      Schofield Room, Surrey Police Headquarters, Mount Browne

Please contact Rachel Lupanko, 01483 638721 If you would like this agenda in alternative language or format.


Paul Rees – Chairman

Andrew Gascoyne

Chris Johnson

Amanda Mills

Vanya Moyer


1.  Apologies (Agenda item only)                                                                                  

2.  Declaration of Interest (Agenda item only)                                                           

3.  Minutes of the last meeting – 14th March 2013                               

4.  Matters Arising                                                                                         

5.  Internal Audit Annual Report 2012/13                                           

6.  Internal Audit Strategy 2013/14 – 2015/16                              

7.  External Joint Audit Plan                                                                     

8.  External Audit Fee Letters                                                                                                                                               

9.  Progress in producing the Annual Governance Statements and Financial Accounts for 2012/13(Verbal)     

10.  Treasury Management Governance Report 2012/13                       

11.  PCC’s Expenses                                                                                       

12.  Chief Constable’s Expenses (Verbal)                                                            

 13.  Work Programme 2013/14                                                               

 14.  Terms of Reference

 15.  Exclusion Notice                                                                                    

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