Police Appeal Tribunal (Police Misconduct Appeal)

Police Appeal Tribunal (Police Misconduct Appeal)

Police Appeals Tribunals (PATs) hear appeals against the findings of gross (serious) misconduct brought by police officers or special constables. PATs are currently governed by Police Appeals Tribunal Rules 2012, which were amended in 2015. The amendments set out what may be published in respect of appeal hearings and allows for the appeal hearings to be held in public.

The Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey is responsible for appointing the chair to conduct the proceedings. Members of the public can now attend appeal hearings as observers but are not allowed to participate in proceedings.

Notice of hearing – Ex PC Dale Hathaway

On Thursday 29th June 2017, a Police Appeal Tribunal will take place in Caterham Police Station, Timber Hill Road, Surrey, CR3 6LD. Following proceedings held under the Police (Conduct) regulations 2012, ex PC Dale Hathaway was dismissed without notice on Wednesday 24th August 2016. During the hearing it was found that he breached a number of Standards of Professional Behaviour, namely making unauthorised checks on the Surrey Police Crime Information System and disclosing restricted information, and that this misconduct amounted to Gross Misconduct.

Outcome: Appeal not upheld.

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