£128,000 Awarded to Surrey Community Safety Projects as Police Commissioner Agrees New Grants

£128,000 Awarded to Surrey Community Safety Projects as Police Commissioner Agrees New Grants

Kevin Hurley, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, has agreed £128,864.50 in grant funding for a range of community safety projects in the county through his Community Safety Fund.

The £509,000 Fund allows the PCC to offer direct financial support to projects and initiatives in Surrey helping to improve community safety and deliver on the People’s Priorities.

The projects awarded grants are:

Youth Support Service – Substance Misuse Team – £54,595 to part-fund the cost of the Youth Support Service Substance Misuse Team, delivering services aimed at reducing and preventing the misuse of drugs and alcohol by young people.

Young Witness Service – £30,000 to fund the Manager’s post for the Young Witness Service, which supports young people going through the Criminal Justice System either as victims or witnesses.

Surrey Police – Prevent Partnership Workshop – £2,000 to run a workshop for partner organisations to raise awareness of the risks of extremism and the processes for reporting extremist crimes.

Be Your Best Foundation – Rock Challenge – £5,000 towards the cost of a performing arts competition for young people which encourages participants to be their best without the need for alcohol, tobacco or other substances.

Surrey Police – SHOuT Youth Conferences – £4,000 to support community safety projects voted for by the attendees of the youth conferences. 

Spelthorne Police and Crime Summit – £500 to be awarded by the attendees of the Crime Summit to a local safety project of their choice.

Surrey Police – Personal Safety Workshops – £512 to provide personal safety items such as attack alarms and bottle tops to prevent drinks being spiked. These items will be used in support of Surrey Police’s work with youth clubs to promote personal safety.

Surrey Police – Volunteers – £857.50 to provide standard, professional wet weather clothing for Surrey Police volunteers for occasions where they are working outside in the winter months.

Youth Empowerment Service – £5,000 to support the delivery of twelve sessions of group work with young people with the highest levels of need. The sessions look at offending behaviour, victims and the role of drugs and alcohol in offending.

Transform Housing and Support £4,000 to extend an existing property to provide self-contained flats for ex-offenders looking to move on from their assisted housing. The existing programme shows a significantly reduced reoffending rate compared to the national average.

Outline – LGBT crime reporting – £2,700 to fund a promotional campaign to raise awareness of crime reporting routes for members of LGBT communities.

Horley Town Council – CCTV – £3,500 to upgrade their CCTV system to prevent anti-social behaviour in the town’s parks and recreational spaces.

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council – Drug & Alcohol Education – £4,700 to deliver drug & alcohol abuse education in local schools.

Surrey Police – Opening Doors – £6,500 for a training course to improve officers’ knowledge of the impact of disability hate crime on victims.

Cyber Champions – £2,000 to support the practical delivery of Internet Safety projects recommended by the Surrey Safer Cyber Group.

Surrey Appropriate Adult Volunteer Scheme – £3,000 to upgrade the IT system for the Scheme, which manages over 100 volunteers to act as appropriate adults in the county’s  custody centres.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Harris said:

“The applications approved by the Commissioner show Surrey people at their very best – putting their minds to the challenge of helping make our county a better place and increasing the public’s sense of safety. It is tremendous to be able to support those good ideas with money from the Community Safety Fund. We look forward to seeing how these projects deliver for the people of Surrey over the coming months.”

More funding is available from the PCC’s Community Safety Fund. If you are interested in applying:

Proposals for funding for local projects should be submitted to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for consideration. Applications should be for a maximum of £5,000, however in exceptional circumstances the PCC will consider requests for funding above £5,000.

Applications for funding will be subject to consideration by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner against a series of criteria to ensure that they meet the aims of the Police and Crime Plan.

To ensure value for public money, successful bids will be required to provide evidence of spend and the outcomes/impact of the project at agreed points in the year.

More information on the scheme, including the application form and criteria for successful bids, is available at the Surrey PCC website:  https://www.surrey-pcc.gov.uk/the-pccs-community-safety-fund/


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