101 response rates remain a top priority during the busy summer months!

Since taking up the post of Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, David Munro has been committed to implementing his six priorities as detailed in his Police and Crime Plan.

He said: “I assured the public when I took on this role that I’d address issues based on what you’ve told me is important to you, to cut crime and build safer communities. One area that raised concerns was the 101 non-emergency response rate, with many residents telling me that they were left waiting for a long time before their calls were answered.

“I’m pleased to say I’ve seen a huge improvement in 101 response rates overall. However, this still remains a concern of mine as we’ve noticed an increase in 101 calls during the summer, meaning that calls can take longer to be answered.”

Since January 2017, the majority of non-emergency 101 calls have been taking on average less than a minute to be answered by the contact centre. However, during the summer months, with longer days, the hotter weather and increased road use, there is a higher demand on the 999 and 101 service.

Surrey Police have also been assisting other forces in answering 999 calls, particularly London, during the heightened terror threat. 999 calls are always prioritised meaning 101 calls can take longer to get answered during busy times.

He continued: “During the summer months, on average, calls are still being answered within 90 seconds but some callers may have to wait a few minutes. I’m working with Surrey Police to reduce this wait time, but I ask the Surrey public to be patient – your call will be answered and dealt with in an efficient way.

“Finally, I’d like to express my thanks to you, the Surrey residents for being so patient and all Surrey Police officers and staff for their hard work and commitment.”

The PCC and Chief Constable want to reassure the public that despite the higher demand during summer, everything is being done to maintain the 101 service. If you would prefer to report on-line rather than wait a short time, the online reporting system can be found at: https://www.surrey.police.uk/contact-us/report-online/.

In an emergency, call 999 where your call will be answered within 10 seconds.

Residents can also help police by reducing demand on services where possible, by securing their homes and shutting windows when out, keeping vehicles secure, leaving plenty of time and carrying water for long car journeys. For more tips on keeping yourselves and others safe, please visit the Surrey Police website.

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